Holy Shit

Title: “HOLY SHIT” or “We Couldn’t call it what we wanted to call it so we called it HOLY CRAP” Characters: 1 Human: Man (or woman) of any age. Stage Setting: a toilet Type of Theatre: An entertaining comedy that revolves around constipation, education and the religious experience. Scatology and eschatology mixing together: excrements and [...]

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cover_Negro contra Blanca

Your weapon against the unrelenting cellulite

Title: Your weapon against the unrelenting cellulite Characters: 4 (1 woman and 3 men) Bartola: a middle-aged woman in a very broad sense Santiago: her husband. Ramírez: a theatre director. Any age. Haro: a salesman. Any age. Stage setting: None. Summary: A very normal couple goes to the theater to see a comedy for entertainment. [...]

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cover_La duquesa

The duchess goes wild

Title: The duchess goes wild Characters: 6 Duchess: An elderly woman with a lot of character and a very bad temper, but who with her little heart, as it must be said, is dying. Nuño: The eldest son, heir of the duke, already a gentleman of a certain age and of certain habits. Viviana: The [...]

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cover_Hoy no puedo ir a trabajar porque estoy enamorado

Today I can t go to work because I am in love

Title: Today I can’t go to work because I am in love Characters: 4 protagonists and office workers Juan: A young man. Ana: His girlfriend Boss: Any age Partner: Juan´s age. Stage setting: 2 spaces: Home and office. Summary: An enamored couple tries to defend its love and its space against the pressures from the [...]

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The story of a winner

Title: The story of a winner Characters: 4 (2 women and 2 men) Arca: A middle-aged man. Arcadio: His father. Jenny: Arca’s wife. Socorro: Approximately the same age as the couple. Scene setting: Those of the scenes. Type of theater: Humorous drama about ambition, obsession with winning, with being number one and making dreams come [...]

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Title: Extinction Characters: 4 Luz: A middle-aged woman. Mario: Her husband. Iván: Her son. Otto: Any age. Stage setting: A closed space with leaks in the ceiling. The rear part of a car with a television. Kitchen with a gas tap. Summary: A married couple lives a strange and routine enclosure. The son comes to [...]

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cover_La Humanidad es fea

Humankind is ugly

Title: Humankind is ugly Characters: 4 1,2,3, and 4: Unisex, uni-racial, uni-cultural, uni-tendencial Scene setting: The ICU of a hospital. Summary: 4 people with terminal illnesses compete to see who will die first. Type of theater: Absurd tragic-comedy, yet very real, about the perverse delight within society over illness, and the obsession over social security: [...]

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cover_Negro contra Blanca

Black versus White

Title: Black versus White Characters: Black: A man, any age. White: A woman of similar age. Scene setting: A hospital room Summary: Black, paralysed after an accident, asks white, the nurse at the hospital, to kill him. A love story starts. Type of theatre: Intense drama of love and death. Production: Premiere at the Theatre [...]

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cover_Ojalá estuvierais muertos

I wish you were dead

Title: I wish you were dead Characters: 6 actors split up into multiple characters: 3 husbands, 3 wives, Diógene the cynic, The little boy, The whale-catcher, The woman of the medusas, The foreigner, The specter. Stage setting: Different spaces in a vacation club during carnival: coast, forest, desert, and afterlife. Summary: 3 stories of couples [...]

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A certain Peter

Title: A certain Peter (In Peer Gynt in which Ibsen would have wanted to write) Characters: Many characters can be done with 5 actors and 2 actresses. Stage setting: Does not require one. Summary: 7 scenes that follow the life of a present Pedro inspired in the Peer Gynt of Ibsen, but with structure, characters [...]

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