Your weapon against the unrelenting cellulite

Title: Your weapon against the unrelenting cellulite

Characters: 4 (1 woman and 3 men)
Bartola: a middle-aged woman in a very broad sense
Santiago: her husband.
Ramírez: a theatre director. Any age.
Haro: a salesman. Any age.

Stage setting: None.

Summary: A very normal couple goes to the theater to see a comedy for entertainment. What will turn out to be a surprise for them is when the director of the play announces that, not only will there be no play to entertain anyone, but that they also won´t be able to leave the theater, locked in until they feel something truly genuine for themselves, bearing in mind an original proposal: boredom.

Type of theater: An intelligent and amusing comedy about the dominant culture of success, of the “famous”, of dreams coming true, of actually becoming somebody, of all that is enjoyable, of entertainment, of the relationships, of what love is, of propaganda, of image, of i have to take a little bit off from here and add little bit more over there, of everything is sold and everything is bought, of it depends on who and it doesn´t matter who…, in other words, of the highly topical.

Dramatized interpretation: In SGAE of Madrid under the direction of Ernesto Caballero.

Publication: In the book, “Your Weapon Against the Unrelenting Cellulite, History of a Winner; Black Against White.¨ UNED editorial. 2005.



Your weapon against the unrelenting cellulite | Extract

Translated by Natalia Perellón

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