Íñigo Ramírez de Haro

some bon mots

“The Spanish theatre is already so dead that what you say doesn’t even matter”

“The day when theatre will be able to compete with hair salons is the day it will be safe”

“I know that my plays disturb the ease of sanctimonious people”

“We must fight against everything that is spoon-fed to us”

“You start off with not believing in God and you end up with not even believing in commercials”

“I do not intend to respect any idea, any belief, any religion; I only respect people, that is, the physical integrity of people. And I expect the same reciprocity”

“Those of us who express ourselves value the freedom of expression. If you don’t express yourself then I understand that you only aspire towards the freedom of the prattler”

“The ancient anarchist dictum still remains: the only churches that shine are the ones that are in flames”

“It is clear to me that, if a civil war like the one of 1936 were to repeat itself, I’d be shot dead by both camps”

Íñigo Ramírez de Haro