I wish you were dead

Title: I wish you were dead

Characters: 6 actors split up into multiple characters: 3 husbands, 3 wives, Diógene the cynic, The little boy, The whale-catcher, The woman of the medusas, The foreigner, The specter.

Stage setting: Different spaces in a vacation club during carnival: coast, forest, desert, and afterlife.

Summary: 3 stories of couples with dreams, their hatreds and their nightmares in a magical day of carnival. The couples who try to recompose their relationships little by little begin to entangle themselves in a world of transgression, of magic and of wisdom with strange characters of undetermined reality that will change them without a way of turning back.

Type of theater: Tragic-comedy of life and death, in which it is unknown whether we stand before a dense drama, a light comedy of situations or a farce: the most serious of things emerge from a loose laugh and the silliest of things affirm themselves as being charged with solemnity. Life itself.

¡Oh, the couple!…What are you thinking?…About love? Even passion?—Yes, but also in “leave me alone, honey, tonight I´m tired? Even about boredom? Even about depression?…Yes, but also in “don´t ever leave me, I can´t live without you? Even about friendship? Even about the kids? Even about keeping each other company until death?… Yes, but also in “we can´t go on like this, I can´t take one more minute of this”? Even in returning to life, to the unknown, to laughter, to better the devil you know than the devil you don´t, to having not just one fling but many?…

A play of deformity and mix, of realism and comedy of art, of flesh and masks, of reality and fantasy, of the grotesque and of poetry…in hidden, subterranean, pagan forces that rise and that we all carry within us without knowing if it’s a dream, nonsense or nature: “A night of craziness in order to stand a year of sensibility”.

A fun, tragic and disturbing play. Disturbing, like when we get up in the morning, look at ourselves in the mirror and grow doubtful: Am I really alive?

JAIME.- But how do you speak of passion if you are dead?
JULIA.- Perhaps you have to die in order to live.

- Showing at the Principal Theater in Zaragoza, Dramatic Center in Aragón by the Company, El Gato Negro Theater, under the direction of Alberto Castrillo. 23 of October, 2006.
- Tour throughout Spain and France. 2007-2008

“The stories of three couples are braided with intelligence and brilliance. A magnificent rhythm that is very well measured”. Joaquín Melguizo. “Heraldo de Aragón”

“Ramírez de Haro… laughs about everything”. Rosana Torres. “El País”

“’I Wish You Were Dead’ is a more ambitious Project: 47 performances that reach success with its audience and its critics”. E.P/R.C.L. “Heraldo de Aragón”

“Íñigo Ramírez de Haro is not one to evade the issue at hand… He has great strength”. Javier Villán. “El Mundo”

“’I Wish You Were Dead’ is not exactly calming and it foretells tempestuous polemics. A modernity with a hard and twisted tusk”.

“There are literary discoveries of ancestry…Harsh, hurtful language of great literary fracture”. Florentino Negrín. “La clave”



Translated by Natalia Perellón

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