The Medina Sidonia Case

Title: The Medina Sidonia Case

Published by the prestigious editorial “La Esfera de los Libros” in 2008 “The Medina Sidonia Case. On Excellence. The polemic history of the red duchess, her children and her widow” is an essay that combines:

- A theoretical treatment on the Greek concept of “arête”, the virtue of excellence, what the “aristoi” of all of society have, of where the word “aristocracy” comes from. Therefore, the book awakens questions like: What is aristocracy? Who are the “aristocrats” of any society, of today in our society? Those who are born “noble” or those “excellent” of every historical moment? Is “excellence” still a fundamental value in our current society? Can a society subsist without “excellence”? Can one be “excellent” and a monarch? Can one be “excellent” and stingy? Can one be “excellent” and Christian?…

- A historical application to the most ancient “aristocratic” family of Spain, even of Europe, the Medina Sidonia. From its founder Guzmán the Good, he who sacrifices his own son defending Tarifa in the XIII century against a combined army of Christians and Moors, have played a fundamental role in the configuration of Spain throughout history. A fascinating saga of heroes and villains, of saints and rascals, of clairvoyants and dimwits, of loyals and betrayers, of devotes and of libertines…

- And the Medina Sidonia of today. Starting from the story of the youngest son Gabriel, the rest of the members of the family are interviewed, as well as many friends and witnesses of their lives, even the mother, Luisa Isabel, the red duchess, the always untamable rebel against dictatorship, who hours before dying married her secretary, so that the reader can choose his/her own perspective on how to chew on this history of family disputes, great passions, forbidden loves, improper appropriations, rebellious politics, hatreds, little love and lots of abandonment.

The book was in Spain´s best-seller list for months.

Translated by Natalia Perellón

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