Get a divorce and enjoy, honey

Title: Get a divorce and enjoy, honey

Characters: 5
Elena: A woman who is successful, complicated, intellectual and a heart-breaker.
José miguel: Man who defines all that is normal.
Remedios: a conventional woman, lover of traditions and always preoccupied with doing good.
Ricardo: successful businessman and heartthrob, very athletic yet with very little intelligence.
Wolfrmio: Ingenious and tortured homosexual.

Stage setting: Different everyday environments that begin to define themselves through motive elements.

Summary: Elena wants to divorce herself from José Miguel so that she can feel once again. José Miguel is crazily in love and does not want to go on living. Remedios has always been in love with José Miguel and wants to make José Miguel fall in love with her. For this to occur, she asks Ricardo to seduce Elena. Everything gets complicated once Wolframio appears. In reality, everything occurs in the mind of the depressed author.

Type of theater: Dramatic comedy of situations and entanglements surrounding love, life and death.


Get a divorce and enjoy, honey | Extract

Translated by Natalia Perellón

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