Even more disturbance

Title: Even more disturbance

Characters: 5
Workshop boss: Middle-aged scientist specializing in virtual reality
Businessman: Old
Male designer: Young and fashionable
Female designer: Young and fashionable
Male lovebird: Artificial replica of male designer
Female lovebird: Artificial replica of female designer

Stage setting: Different changing spaces: workshop; home of the designers; home of the lovebirds.

Summary: The artificial couple from laboratory “Lovebirds XXI”, winner of the first international contest for human designers, begins to live an ideal and happy life. But everything will grow complicated when the designers of the couple and the scientist who created them as well as the businessman who financed the project, all fall in love with the lovebirds and compete for their love.

Type of theater: Entertaining comedy of situations in a world of science fiction, that is, of today, where those created by science behave in a way that is much more natural than those created by nature. Reality and fiction, nature and science, past and present, flesh and television, tradition and modernity all combine in a fascinating trip through new ways of living.

Translated by Natalia Perellón

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