Today I can t go to work because I am in love

Title: Today I can’t go to work because I am in love

Characters: 4 protagonists and office workers
Juan: A young man.
Ana: His girlfriend
Boss: Any age
Partner: Juan´s age.

Stage setting: 2 spaces: Home and office.

Summary: An enamored couple tries to defend its love and its space against the pressures from the working world.

Type of theater: A drama on the situations between love and work.

A sharp x-ray on the world of our offices.

A dilemma between the individual and society, between freedom and servitude with the spectrum of hunger.

Is love compatible with the competitive nature of our societies?

Can one contemplate a sick leave for being in love?

- Premiere at the Guimerá of Tenerife Theater, under the direction of Natalia Menéndez. October 2000.
- Tour throughout theaters and festivals in Spain such as in Alicante. 2000-2001.
- A season at the Galileo Theater of Madrid. 2001.

Publications: “Today I Can´t Go to Work Because I am in Love.” La Avispa editorial. 2000.

The critics have said:

“…an impassioned and intense play, painful, and once again impassioned and once again intense…”
Alfredo Bryce Echenique

“…one of the most interesting shows of the moment. Works like these are necessary if we truly wish to enrich the landscape of contemporary dramaturgy…”
Marc Llorente. Información.

“…breaks a lance in favor of that cause for which so many women fight and which does none other than exhibit men and women just as they are…”
Sergio Sánchez Rivero. La Provincia.

“A nightmare of love and death”
José Orive. Canarias 7.

“An uncomfortable work, a work of today, dehumanization of a world in which love does not fit”
Javier Villá. “El Cultural”.

“The incomprehensiveness and ferociousness of a society that does not permit individualism, love and sincerity”
Salvador Enríquez.


Today I can’t go to work because I am in love | Extract

Translated by Natalia Perellón

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